Wild Roots Farms: Greenhouse and Indoor Grow Developers

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Wild Roots Farms: Turning Food Deserts Into A Food Oasis

Wild Roots Farms is a hydroponic vertical farming company. Located in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV.

WRF provides the best systems for commercially grown farming produce, grown in greenhouses and indoor facilities. Our produce is better than organic. We grow and sell in a large urban setting, providing the best in locally grown food produce to local restaurants and markets.

We are literally minutes from the farm to the customer. Fresh, chemical free, and better than organic right in the Las Vegas Community!!!

WRF also can sell these systems to local entrepreneurs. We can help develop and supply a turnkey greenhouse or indoor grow system. From construction and set up, training and/or management services. Our management services can help you in the operation of the greenhouse/indoor grow and its systems, all the way to sourcing and marketing to clients.

Las Vegas is a $3 billion market just in green plant foods and fruits. Everything in Las Vegas is shipped in, 24 hours a day, 360 days years. That is a high cost to our environment. Farming machines for planting and harvesting. Planes, Trains and Trucks bringing it to market. Large carbon footprint and a high cost to the Vegas market in transportation costs. WRF… local, minutes, not hours from the farm to the plate. To make this even greener, we plan on acquiring electric delivery vehicles. A lean green food producing machine!!!

Call now for more information and to schedule a tour of a greenhouse facility. See how this system is providing better than organic produce, from a local farm to a local plate, literally in minutes.





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